Wednesday, April 28

Spring into Summer

I'm getting the urge to do some longer rides again. I'd like to ride Genesee soon. Next week is a new month and a late shift at work. So I'll have time occasionally to ride more before work. I might make my commute longer some days by deviating through Bear Creek Lake and/or Red Rocks.

I could also do Lookout Mountain and ride out the Clear Creek Trail like I did last summer for a 50 miler before work.

I rode this morning and I could have gotten by with shorts and a t-shirt. Of course I had long sleeves and my tights. I was warm by the time I got to work.

Mount Evans looms...this summer for sure.

We're also taking a trip to Kentucky right before 4th of July and we're taking our bikes. I think I want to do Stanton to Owingsville ride. I'm gonna try anyway. 60 miles round trip...

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