Saturday, May 15

Foxy Mr. Fantastic

We saw a fox on the edge of Fox Hollow golf course during our ride this afternoon. We rode down Kipling to the Bear Creek Trail (BCT) then upstream over the Bear Creek Lake Dam, then along the upstream side of the base of the dam, around the northern slopes of Mount Carbon (is that thing man-made or what?) and down the other side, back through the golf course.

Just as we were re-entering the BCT a red fox cross the trail and stopped to check us out. We got within 15-20 feet of it and got a really good look. We had seen a fox earlier while out looking for houses in Arvada.

We rode 11.5 miles and climbed 518 feet. Seemed like a lot more...

Bear Creek Lake from the top of Mount Carbon

Bear Creek Lake Dam from Mount Carbon

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