Friday, May 21

Genesee, Oh Genesee!

Left the apartment at 6:15. It had been light for close to an hour. Returned to my old commute along Jewell Ave. because it's more direct. Turned south at Rooney Road and eased up over the hogback feeling really good. Had good tunes in my MP3 player and true to form the early shift commuters were more respectful than others so I was low stress.

At 40 minutes I reached highway 40 and the bottom of Mount Vernon Canyon. Up I went.

All the way up the canyon I pondered our potential move to Idaho Springs. If we were to move up there I wouldn't be able to ride Genesee or Lookout Mountain or Bear Creek Canyon before work. BUT...I could ride Berthoud Pass, Guanella Pass, LOVELAND PASS...or even Mount Evans from my front door.

We could sit out on the stoop in July and watch the Triple Bypass riders pedal by. I could train for the Bob Cook hillclimb without taking so much time away from my family.

Those aren't good reasons to relocate. And I wouldn't base a decision on something as flimsy as that. But it would be an amazing place to live as a cyclist. There are forest service roads and old mining roads criss-crossing the landscape all around the town. Mountain biking would be fun again.

As I cruised the upper road through the Denver Mountain Park I had a stupid giddy grin on my face. There is just something satisfying about climbing some hill and being near the top, knowing the rest of the ride is going to be downhill...makes you silly.

And I got to see snow-capped peaks before work. You can't beat that!

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