Monday, May 17

Half a Day of Hooky

I tried to take a mental health day today. But then another one of my co-workers, the one who is gone at the end of this week, did the same.

But I got in an hour of prairie biking this morning.

Dropped Lily off at mother's day out and headed for Centennial Cone. At the mouth of Golden Gate Canyon there was a digi-board stating "Blasting: expect delays." Blast!

Headed back to Golden and found a trailhead along the south side of South Table and at quarter to ten was headed up for the mesa top.

I biked north across the vast emptiness of the plateau. Occasionally views of Golden and Denver opened up, but for the most part it felt like the middle of Kansas.

I rode all the way to the high point near Castle Rock and then headed back. I got back to the car a few minutes shy of an hour. It was a good ride, mostly dry and I had the trails to myself. It was nice to get away from everything right in the middle of it all.

An interesting steep drop I found. Did a couple laps.

Looking east toward Denver

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