Tuesday, May 4

Ride the Wind

It's a new month and a new counter shift at work for me. So instead of having to be in at 7:30 now I have to be there by 9:00. What this means is that I will have opportunities to do long rides before work.

I've already planned some modified commute routes. Red Rocks, Genesee Mountain, Lookout Mountain...just to name a few.

I was going to ride this morning, with a plan just to deviate over the hogback and then up the other side, but a scheduling snafu at work combined with weather reports of obnoxiously strong wind gusts convinced me to drive.

The wind was fierce! Driving across the south slopes of Green Mountain I had dirt and gravel picked up and hurled in my face. Good thing there was a windshield between me and the deluge. Riding would have been unwise today. Of course, the repressed masochist in me would have loved it. And my blog post would have been much more interesting I believe. Though after having been blinded by road detritus I may have had to have dictated it.

I will be riding soon though. Hopefully tomorrow.

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