Tuesday, May 18

Ship Rock Diversion

I delayed leaving the apartment this morning. It wasn't that I didn't want to ride, I just didn't want to ride to work. Now that the weather is warmer I am dreaming of riding Mount Evans (century) again.

It was cool, but I had dressed in shorts and a t-shirt with a fleece vest. It was cold dropping down Kipling to the BCT, but I warmed up as I climbed the dam. Felt stronger heading up the dam road. Guess hauling Boone up it this past weekend did help.

As I dropped down the west side of the dam I decided I didn't want to go straight to work. The most obvious change in route would be to ride up through Red Rocks. And I decided I'd ride the road in the back that climbs up below Ship Rock. I mistakenly remembered it as Titan Road, but turns out it is actually called Ship Rock Road. Titans Road intersects it partway up the steeeeeep hill.

Ship Rock Road might be the steepest road I've biked in Colorado. And then again it might not. Its not as steep as say Furnace Road south of Stanton, in Kentucky, but its nice and grueling.

Even with my self-punishing detour I made it to work in an hour and fourteen minutes. Not too bad considering my normal time for the new commute is right at an hour.

As I rolled past Mount Vernon Canyon I decided my next long commute would be to the summit of Genesee.

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