Tuesday, May 11

The Great Escape

I found a better route to work. It's slightly longer, but doesn't take a lot longer and its much more enjoyable.

It's just shy of 13 miles where my normal commute is about 7.5. It took me just over an hour (1hr 2 min) where my normal commute take 35-45 minutes.

It was very nice to ride through Bear Creek Lake Park, roads to myself, quiet, good surface...no cars...NO CARS! The best part is that I am off the roads completely except for a few crossings (at traffic lights) until I get to the end of the C470 bike path at Rooney Road. At that point traffic is no longer a problem anyway.

It might even be good for the commute home. I'll have to try it out when I have plenty of time. Shouldn't take too long to get home that way.

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