Wednesday, June 23

Bike to All Over Creation Day 2010

What a great morning for Bike to Work Day 2010! I left out early to make sure I got a t-shirt from the breakfast station at work. My ride was nice and cool and lots of people were biking, even on my lonely route. Little did I know I was beginning an impromptu Tour de West Denver.

I got to work just before 7:30 and chatted with some of the other cyclists. I even saw a guy with a dark blue Cannonball JUST LIKE MINE! It's a year newer than mine, but otherwise it has the exact geometry and components. He bought it off a guy on craigslist who had it listed for $1.00.

I got my bike tuned and grabbed an apple, a donut and a t-shirt from the breakfast station in the atrium. I saw I had a voicemail as I walked back out to check on my bike. It was from our realtor. We were supposed to do a walk-thru of the house. We're closing in the morning. She had gotten my message that I could do it after work tonight (Mandy would pick me up at work and we could drive over) but she said she needed to do it this morning. I glanced at the time…7:35. I needed to be at work by 9am. Last time I rode from work to the new house it took me 45 minutes, but that was the long way that sticks to the Clear Creek Trail for most of the ride. There is a more direct route from work that utilizes more residential streets, but shaves off about three miles.

I called her back and said I could meet her at the house an hour later. The guy was finishing up with my bike, so I ran my shirt up to my cube and once back downstairs I was pedaling furiously toward Arvada. I was Biking FROM Work.

I made it to the house in a surprising 31 minutes. The realtor showed up shortly thereafter and we did a quick walk-thru and I was back on the bike headed for Golden.

I started to feel the miles (22+ when I started in Arvada) behind me and I was much slower, though to my credit, I was gaining elevation the whole way with a nice head-breeze.

46 minutes after leaving the house I was at work.

It was a good ride in, both times, and there were a lot of people riding along the whole route. The best was the last cyclist I saw before I got to work the second time…a scruffy looking guy on a cheap mountain biking pulling a pushmower behind him along the bike lane on 10th Avenue in Golden. Not only was he biking to work, he was carrying his tools with him.

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