Tuesday, June 22

Bike to Work Day and Vacation

This is Bike to Work Month/Week and tomorrow is Bike to Work Day in the Denver Metro area. Of course I'm riding...

This month I've ridden quite a bit. I've been much more consistent in my commuting. the weather has been nicer, I've been late shift so I don't have to be to work before 9am and of course BP has destroyed the Gulf of Mexico and buying gas just seems like a horrendous thing to do at this point.

I am excited about our impending move to Arvada. The ride to work from our new home will be comparable to my ride now, except I won't have Green Mountain to traverse. THe best part is that I can ride the Clear Creek Trail most of the way when I'm on late shift and when I go in early I can ride quiet neighborhood streets for a more direct route.

Friday we leave for Kentucky for a week. Mandy and I are taking our bikes. I'm looking forward to riding some of my old routes around Stanton. And I want to do two new ride: Stanton to Owingsville to see the grave of AD Ruff and Stanton to Cobb Hill to do the heinous climb from Fitchburg to Cobb Hill.

I'm wondering how I will fare, going from a higher altitude to a lower altitude. Will it benefit me at all? The hills there are shorter, but generally steeper. While the climbs here are miles long at consistent grades, the climbs there are relentlessly rolling, up and down, up and down for miles and miles and miles.


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