Wednesday, July 21

Another Bike and Snide Remarks

I got a temporary replacement for the Giant. Craigslist yielded a 70s or 80s Motobecane Nomade 10 speed. It'll do for awhile. It's a cool bike.

Rolling my bike through the halls of the building where I work I get comments like: "You're gonna get rained on," or "Isn't it kinda cold to be riding?" or "It's going to be a hot ride home."

First, its kind of annoying that human beings constantly state the obvious. I do it to, but I try not to state the obvious in such a dull, boring manner to be completely useless. If I'm going to state the obvious I want to add some flair just so the statement serves some entertainment purpose.

And my answer to the comments and remarks is going to start being: "I'm serious about this cycling thing. I ride to work to ride to work, not to pose. The rain, the snow, the cold, the heat…doesn't matter. I'm prepared for any condition and I'm going to ride no matter what. I don't falter at a little meterological hiccup."

I think the reason I am attracted to the activity of bicycle commuting is because it does not follow convention. If everyone were doing it I'd find something else to participate in to define my personality.

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