Wednesday, July 14

Freedom to Let Go

My oldest child can ride a bike all on his own now. And even when he crashes he gets up and gets back on the bike.

He told me last night he's beginning to love riding his bike.

Once we moved into our new house on our Wonder Years street it didn't take long for him to take off and start riding.

The other night I was sick, in fact I had taken a sick day from work. I was sitting in a camp chair on the patio enjoying the cooler afternoon air, hoping he would work on riding on his own. But he kept begging me to help him ride.

I got up and set up the bike, cocked his right pedal at 2 o'clock, aimed the bike down the drive way, patted his left leg and said, "Kick off with this one and jump on the other pedal with your other foot. You'll do fine."

He whined a little about needing help, so I held the bike up while he threw his leg over but let go as soon as he moved forward. He took of like a rocket and shot down the street.

He came back up the street pushing his bike. He still hadn't gotten the hang of turning around between the curbs.

I set him up again, re-cocking the pedal, aiming the bike down the drive and said, "Ok, this time I'm going to stand out here," and pointed about 20 feet in ffront of his bike. I had my camera and I kneeled down, opened the lens up to 18mm and composed a portrait shot and said GO!

He grinned a huge grin, kicked off with his left and stomped on the pedal with his right and he was riding past me all on his own.

I ran after, summoning herculean energy despite not feeling well and snapped a few shots as he cruised down the street.

Last night he really had the hang of it. He would get on on his own, ride down the street, make a u-turn in complete control and then return, cruise up the driveway and stop before hitting the fence (most of the time).

He had a few crashes last night. The worst was when he flopped into the neighbor's roses. Ouch!

My son is a cyclist now.

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