Tuesday, July 20

Slain Giant

When I dropped Mandy off at church last night I thought of it, even though the entry cover is really high. When we drove through the drive-thru at DQ to get Blizzards on the way home I thought of it even though there was no cover over the drive-thru.

Five minutes later as I eased the car into the carport at home I hadn't thought about it.


My bike was on top of the car.

I've never lived in a place with a carport or garage before. Well, at least one that got used. It's been nice to park the car under it on hot days.

I've never had roof top bike racks before either. They are so nice...convenient...stylish.

I knew when we bought the house that combining the two would be disastrous. I proved myself right in no time flat.

At least I have a spare, especially since we don't have a spare car. I can ride my Cannonball until I find a suitable replacement. Unfortunately we're not in a good financial position for me to start seriously shopping for my next bike. So i've been craigslisting pretty hard.

I can't believe I did that.

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