Thursday, July 8

What I Lost on Vacation

We spent a week in Kentucky just before Fourth of July. We took our climbing gear and our bikes. Mandy climbed a couple of days but didn't ride her bike at all.

I did manage to ride about 50 miles while we were in. I rode the 4 mile loop around Hatton Creek one morning and then did a long road ride from Hatton Creek to Clay City and then up to Slade via the back roads. In Slade I met up with Matt Tackett and we did another 22.5 miles at a really fast pace (for me, not Matt).

It was good to get out and ride there. But for some reason I've lost everything I had before I left Colorado.

I was riding a lot before we left. To and from work, to the new house, almost every day I was riding at least my 13 mile morning commute and a a lot of days twice that.

Tuesday I rode to work and was really sluggish. Now, I haven't really felt 100% in any respect since we've been back. I don't know if its the altitude change, allergies, my horrid diet on vacation or the time change. Maybe a combination...

Rode in this morning and thought I wasn't going to make it. The ride that was taking me between 52-55 minutes before vacation took me 1:05 this morning.

I think if I felt better I could snap right back to where I was before, but whatever is affecting me systematically is dragging my commute time down. As of this morning I'm going to try to eat better. I'd sell my soul for an apple right now.

Oh, and I was up about 6 lbs when I got back from vacation. I eat like a punk.

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