Saturday, August 28

Bike-packing Dreams

Touring or bike-packing...what is the difference?

Well, I guess I'd distinguish between the two by saying bicycle touring is riding on the road over long distances while bike-packing is like backpacking, but with a bike. Bike-packing utilizes trails to get from campsite to campsite.

Today was a lazy day as we recovered from our epic yesterday, so I had plenty of time to research some trails to bike-pack on. Here is the short list:

1) Medicine Bow Trail, Wyoming: 21 miles north from Mountain Home, WY.

2) George S. Mickelson Rail Trail, South Dakota: 108 miles north to Deadwood.

3) Katy Trail, Missouri: 230 miles west from St. Louis

4) New Santa Fe Regional Trail, Colorado: Between Castle Rock and Colorado Springs

5) The Cowboy Trail, Nebraska: Will be 321 miles (and the longest in the US) when completed.

We need to get Mandy set up with a good mountain or hybrid bike, racks and panniers. But by next summer we should be ready to go do the Mickelson trail for sure.

We can do some training runs along the Switzerland Trail and others around the area.

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