Friday, August 20

Buying Upgrades, Not Riding Up Grades

For about $140.00 I can get the rear carrier rack, commuter tires and fenders to make my Cannonball more primary-mode-of-transportation friendly.

The rear rack I have now isn't working out. My pannier keeps rubbing the rear tires and its worn through the outside pocket. Kinda defeats the purpose of having the pannier if there's a hole in it. I tried to make due jury-rigging with a wire coathanger, but its just not stiff enough to keep the nylon off the tire.

I was hoping people would buy some of the stuff from my road bike from craigslist. Not sure what's up with that. haven't even gotten a nibble. Oh well...

Didn't ride a lot this week, but I've been fairly consistent and I'm actually looking forward to inclement weather (assuming I have fenders by the time the snow flies).

Haven't really ridden other than on the bike paths around Arvada and Golden lately, but I'm enjoying commuting and exploring the neighborhood with the kids.

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