Saturday, August 7

Family Tour

Since we were going to be in Golden most of the day at the church building working on getting ready for VBS we decided we'd ride our bikes over there.

We got a late start. It usually take me 50 minutes to get to work and I ride pretty fast on roads I'm not willing to take the kids on. It ended up taking two hours to go 9.5 miles. We gained almost 500 feet so the ride was somewhat painful at times, but we made it in one piece with relatively little emotional damage.

I pulled Lily in the trailer with all out stuff and Boone and Mandy rode their bikes. I had hooked up the tow-bar stuff to Mandy's bike and she ended up towing Boone toward the end of the ride to Golden. He had ridden at least 7 miles on an empty stomach, so we really couldn't get too mad at him.

After we got there I ran to King Soopers and got donuts for everyone there and had three myself, plus a Dr. Pepper.

For whatever reason I volunteered to weedeat while we were there and drained myself beyond my reserves and almost shut down. I think I basically had a sugar crash.

I ambled around for a couple of hours, useless and spent. I wanted to sleep, and in fact, I reclined on the cool concrete by the bikes with the crazy creek chair for a pillow, but I didn't sleep.

Around noon I scarfed down some nice cold watermelon which gave me enough juice to ride from the building over to King Soopers again and the second time around I got some salami, cheese and bread for sandwiches. After a couple sandwiches and glasses of ginger ale I was sort of ready to head back home around 3pm.

We opted to return via the same route and since we weren't running late to get anywhere we just took our time and it went very well.

The first few miles we were running from some ominous clouds, but by the time we reached the Wheat Ridge Rec Center we had escaped the worst of it.

It was nice riding along Clear Creek, the gurgling whitewater and the wind through the grasses in the wetlands.

Of course on the return trip we lost the 500 feet of elevation. We stopped at Anderson Park along 44th and while the kids played at the playground I climbed the last mile and a half up Garrison to our house and got the car.

Mandy fixed chicken and broccoli alfredo which was just the thing to replenish the energy stores after our 19 miles of touring Arvada, Wheat Ridge and Golden.

Boone did great, especially on the return trip.

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