Wednesday, August 4

More Musings About Bikes

I think for now I might just work on converting my Cannonball into a good solid commuter. It needs skinnier tires, fenders and a rear rack that gets the panniers off my heel (tried again last night to fix that but it just won't work with the racks I have); those things along with a touring handlebar set would make it actually a nice commuter bike.

I wish I could paint it. The paint now is dinged up pretty bad from my years of abuse. I don't have the luxury of stripping it all down, painting it and then reassembling it. Wish I did...someday.

But I think the Cannonball could be the exact bike I need. Oh, it would be stellar to have a new touring bike to ride to and from work, but the Cannonball just needs some tweaks and it will be perfect. The touring bike can come later when I get a chance to "tour."

I'm gonna try to sell some stuff from the Giant (RIP) to fund my upgrade...

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