Thursday, August 5

Share the Road!

Benefits to motorist by having to share the road with more cyclists:

1) More parking spaces free for cars.

2) Less congestion/traffic - bikes take up less room on the road and typically cyclists stay out of the worst traffic and congestion, not to mention staying off of limited access highways.

3) Less pollution.

4) Shorter lines at the gas pump when there's a shortage.

5) Shorter wait for repair and maintenance at the local auto shop.

6) Conversation starter - "I'm tired of all the %$#@& cyclists on the road!!!"


What Kind of Cyclist Am I?

So I was reading from Ken Kifer's webpage yesterday and I came across this:

" what is touring? A tour is a trip from one place to another, and touring also implies travel as a form of exploration. Touring cyclists, then, are people who wish to explore the world around them via bicycle. However, just as a tour does not have to explore remote areas to be enjoyable, the trip does not have to last more than a few hours to qualify. Usually, touring consists of riding out in the countryside for the purpose of enjoying Nature."

I would not necessarily have called myself a touring cyclist before reading that, but that really does seem to classify my cycling. When I was a kid I rode all over the countryside, anywhere I could squeeze my 20" wheels I roamed just to see what I could see.

Before moving to Colorado most of my cycling as an adult was specifically to explore and enjoy the roads and trails around the places I lived. I did short stints as a commuter in different places, but mostly I rode for recreation and exploration.

Of course now my primary use for the bike is commuting, but I still love to get out and enjoy, and I often incorporate a bit of exploring on my commutes when I get the inclination.

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