Wednesday, September 15


My wife may have a job. Its only part time for now, but it can definitely become full time.

The private school where we want to send our kids needs a part-time math teacher this school year and will need a full-time math teacher next year.

This is good. The kids will be out of public school and the tuition won't be a problem.

I hesitate to say this is a con, but if she gets the job I will be fully committed to full time bicycle commuting, no matter what the weather or other conditions. If my bike breaks down I'll have to fix it right away. If I wake up to a flat I'll have to fix it.

No more wimp-out car rides to work.

If I don't feel well I'll still be pedaling.

If I'm not in the mood I'll still be riding.

If there is ice on the bike paths I'll still be riding.

Our plan had been that when Mandy started working we'd buy a second car. I'd still keep riding, but in case of a weather emergency I'd be able to drive.

No such luxury with this job...though I think it will still be a positive step and there is still the distinct possibility that we'll be able to find some sort of solution or alternative.

I am confident we will make it work well.

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