Friday, September 3

Commuter Psyche

I’ve realized recently that my fascination/obsession with bicycle commuting reaches back at least to when I was in first grade at Clay City Elementary.

We lived out of town on a low rolling ridge. The road was curvy and steep and it was probably three or four miles to the school from our house. At seven years old as I rode the bus into school I saw other kids that lived in town riding their bikes along the sidewalks and I saw dozens of bikes propped up at the bike racks in the front of the school.

I wanted to be one of those kids.

We moved to Ohio in third grade and I was hopeful that I’d be able to ride my bike to school, and for a few short months I did. We lived just a few blocks from Jonathon Wright Elementary and I was ecstatic riding my bike down the street to school, propping my clunky bike up next to the others.

Then we moved out in the middle of nowhere and over ten miles from school. I never rode my bike to school again.

It makes me happy on my commutes as I pass by schools when I see kids riding to class. I am glad I can share the road with them now.

And there are days when I can’t delve deep enough to find the motivation to ride to work and I think back to being a kid and wishing I could ride to work. It becomes my motivation that gets me out the door.

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