Friday, September 17

The Coming Months

Winter is approaching. Last year during the first week of October we had a significant snow.

I am thankful that we now have a house and a carport/shed where I can maintain and store my bike. It makes commuting so much easier. In the apartment we had white carpet and it was painful to carry the bike up the stairs from ground level and across the carpet to the small deck without getting wintry crud all over the place.

At work I typically store my bike behind me in my cube. I do have the option of locking it up outside. I prefer not to, but its not really a huge deal.

So this coming non-summer season I am confident that I can mitigate any weather related issues surrounding my bike commuting.

My main concern at this point is that my usual route will be fairly dark. There are no street lights along the greenbelt bike path. Hopefully it won't be very bad and I will be able to manage with the LED I have. It doesn't seem very bright, but for the most part I have used it under streetlights.

Looking forward to a little adversity to temper the soul.

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