Saturday, October 30

Bike Arvada

Boone and Lily and I took a long-ish bike ride this afternoon.

I wanted to ride the entire Little Dry Creek Trail, but we ended up punctuating it at Carr Street as we headed west and took Carr south to the Ralston Creek Trail. It had been a long ride to that point.

My goal of exploring a bit of northern Arvada came after an intensive bike inventory mapping in Google Earth.

In preparing to take over the Bike Arvada website I have been doing a bit of research. I have realized I am lacking a bit of first hand knowledge of northern and eastern Arvada so I am attempting to fill in my mental map as well as get some first hand knowledge of what I know is out there.

It was a good ride, though I wish we had been a bit better prepared and that we had a little more time. But that leaves more to explore on another day.

We rode 57th through Olde Towne, crossed over Wadsworth and picked up the Ralston Creek Trail for a short jaunt to the Clear Creek Trail, and then we took the CCT to its junction with the Little Dry Creek Trail.

Its a nice trail for the most part. We hit one section that went to rough dirt and huge gravel for a couple hundred yards, and then we crossed back into Westminster and headed up a section we called the Concrete Canyon.

Then near Wadsworth the trail disappears and you have to ride on high traffic streets for a bit, then we turned parallel to 80th headed west and missed the trail, instead we were riding along the sidewalk on 80th. At that point I decided we needed to head home instead of pushing our daylight.

We got on some nice bike lanes that en ended up having one blank spot for about half a mile and then we did a heinous climb up Carr Street to the high point of a very high ridge. Just before Wadsworth I had put Boone on the towbar because I knew we'd be on streets more so I was pulling him and Lily (in the trailer) up the wall of Carr.

Then we were looking down the other side, the bottom dropping out from under us and we screamed down to the low point at the Ralston Creek Trail. We were then about half a mile from the "tractor park" and from there a short distance home.

It was a good ride. It would have been much more enjoyable with just the trailer or alone or with just Mandy, but it was still enjoyable and Boone seemed to have a good time.

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