Friday, October 29

Hits the Spot

My plan was to ride down to the Ralston Creek Trail and then take it west, cutoff down through Apple Meadows and along highway 93 to Ford Street, pick up the Tucker Gulch Trail and bust through downtown Golden to work. Blew that plan.

Instead I did my normal Clear Creek Trail alternate route to downtown Golden and stopped in the credit union for a few bucks cash to get a breakfast burrito at the shack on South Golden Road. However, as I was pulling out of the credit union I spied the Hits the Spot Café next door and I remembered they have breakfast burritos.

I propped my trusty Cannonball up against the wall outside and stepped into the dim, but homey interior.

"You can have a seat anywhere you like," the young girl behind the counter offered.

As I pulled off my bike helmet I asked, "You have breakfast burritos?"

"We do!" she replied.

"Can I just get one to go?"


So I ordered a breakfast burrito that came out as big as my forearm. It was a little pricey ($6 as opposed to $4 at the shack on SGR) but the burrito was huge and stuffed with eggs, hashbrowns and bacon. Mmm bacon!

I tucked it in my back pack and continued on toward work, one warm breakfast burrito richer.

I had to eat it in two sittings. There was no way I could eat it all at once. After my initial push the last four inches of it taunted my from its foil on my desk. Finally I gave in and finished it off, wishing I had gotten two.

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