Monday, October 4

I Don't Like Mondays

Apparently no one else functions well on Monday mornings either.

I had a car back out in front of me just east of Kipling. The driver was moving slow and I had plenty of time to go around, but even as I went around they kept right on backing out in the street.

I had a motorist honk at me in Denver West (I then flipped him off much to my shame) and then wait for me in a parking lot to yell that I should not be in the middle of the lane. I was in the middle of the lane because if I stay to the right edge then he would have just buzzed me and almost clipped me before honking. I'm sure his response to the bird in that situation would have been that I shouldn't be in the road at all.

I tactically ride in the middle of the right lane (there are two) through the 30 mph zone because every time I've ridden on the right edge of the lane I've been buzzed uncomfortably close. When I take the lane motorists typically give me plenty of space and pass safely in the left lane. There are far fewer instances of people buzzing me and cutting me off too soon.

Then I had a CSP vehicle pass within a couple of feet of me on South Golden Road. Really?! If a law enforcement officer flaunts the three foot rule what does that say to citizen motorists? What kind of example is that?

Today was a rare day. Most mornings my commute is unremarkable.

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