Tuesday, October 12

Rainy Day Cross Town Traffic

Well, I discovered today that my clothing that is advertised as "waterproof" and "breathable" are neither.

Woke up to a truly rainy day. Seems like a rainy November day in Kentucky. We don't get many of those here on the fringe of the prairie. Steady. Cold. Wet.

I put on my Columbia boots and jacket (both Omni-tech) along with my cycling tights and fleece gloves. I knew the tights and gloves weren't waterproof and was ok with that. Both items keep my warm even when wet.

I fully expected the boots and jacket to keep me warm and dry. Nah. Nada. Nyet. Nien.

I was soaked through to my torso. At first I assumed it was sweat but toward the end of my ride I realized the jacket was soaking through. Same with the boots. Whe nmy right foot first felt wet I thought it might just be cold seeping through the boot, but by the time I got to work my socks were soaked.

With the boots it could be that water seeped from my tights down through my socks and into the boots. It seemed like a lot of water for just some wicking action, but I'll grant that as a possibility.

With the jacket, even if it was just me sweating within it (which I seriously doubt) I was so wet it was irrelevant if the moisture came from within or without. Either not breathable or not waterproof or both…

I'll never make it this fall as the temps get lower with my current system. I need to figure it out.

I might be able to mitigate the problem with my footwear by wearing gaiters or rain pants. As far as the jacket goes I'm not sure what to do. If I dress warmly enough with wicking layers to mitigate the damp I become uncomfortably hot as I ride.


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