Sunday, November 7

A Day in the Life

Yesterday we rode 17 miles up to and around northeast Arvada. We rode Pierce up to the Little Dry Creek Trail and took it west to its western terminus. Then we wandered over to the Rainbow/Pomona Lakes Trail and then jogged north to pick up the Discovery Trail. Then we beelined back down to 76th, then a few blocks west to Pierce and we took it way back south.

It was a fun four hour tour and the kids had a blast at a few playgrounds. We took it easy today and just drove over to Van Bibber Park and let the kids play on a playground for awhile.

I usually don't like daylight savings time, but this year it seems like its going to work out in my favor. Waking up at 6am in the morning is going to be much easier.

I'm going to haul the trailer to work in the morning so I can pick Lily up from the babysitter tomorrow afternoon on the way home.

I'm continuing my Leadville 100 training this week. I have set some fitness goals for 2011. I am going to start eating better. I'm going to lose at least twenty pounds and be more fit in the process. I've set some specific goals for myself as far as riding, but more specifically I want to be healthier and just get off the junk food soda trend I've been on for...well, ever.

The week is starting out good.

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