Tuesday, November 16

A Letter to John Boehner

Mr. Boehner,

I am a county employee in a western state. My wife is an out of work special education teacher and we have two children. We are a one car family and we rely on my commuting by bike daily to exist in this economy.

We moved from Kentucky in 2008 where the opportunities to adequately provide for a growing family are sparse. But in moving to a large city we became subject to vehicle emissions testing, of which we support. However, our second car would not pass emissions and was not eligible under the cash for clunkers program because it got high gas mileage.

Regardless, we were a one income and two car family. We could not afford to maintain or replace our polluter. Since my wife is a stay at home mom and has been home schooling our son we decided it made the most sense for me to ride my bike to and from work so she could have instant access to our remaining vehicle.

I now ride to work every day, snow or shine, whether I want to or not, whether I feel like it or not. We have no other economic option. We have however discovered that it is an economic benefit to our family for me to ride my bike. We save a lot of money on gas not bought and upkeep, car insurance on a second car and my stress levels are way down since I avoid the heavy traffic of the main roads on my way to work. We do still pay into the automobile transportation system with our family car and therefore we feel our tax and fee dollars should go as far as possible in support the needs of ALL of our family, not just those that are sitting behind the windshield each day.

I would strongly encourage you to support legislation that gives tax benefits to those who use alternate forms of transportation (especially a highly efficient means such as the bicycle) as their primary means of transportation. I realize when I choose to ride my bike, even though I have a registered car, that I am subsidizing those who travel upon the road in more costly manners. I am vacating a parking space, reducing congestion and my dollars are still at work even though I am not increasing the size of potholes or necessitating snow removal. In short, the fact that I ride a bike to work benefits me, my family, my co-workers, the community and the country while hurting no one.

Thank you in advance for your consideration in this manner.



Please write Mr. Boehner yourself and express how important his support of cycling as a viable means of transportation is to you.

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