Friday, November 12

Golden Bike Park

Lily and I scouted out the new Golden Bike Park early this afternoon. We were there around noon and the place was desolate. Snow shadowed the north sides of the berms of the pump track. We looked around and took some photos and then headed northeast to pick up Mandy and Boone at school.

After we got home I suggested to Boone that we go back to the bike park so we loaded his and Lily's bikes in Gump and headed west back over there.

As the sun sank toward the horizon we cranked around the pump track. It was a lot of fun and it was a surprisingly good workout. Boone rolled around enjoying just going over the jumps and I pushed Lily around, holding on to the back of her seat and running her over the jumps and around the banked turns.

I ran a couple of laps on Boone's bike and then I did it, I decided I'd head up the trail and drop into the "beginner jump line." I headed up Main Street, cut off on Miner's Alley and did ok until I got to the bottom and the first table top jump. One nanosecond I was thinking "Here I go!" all set up for a sweet jump and the next nanosecond my face slammed into the ground and the wind was knocked clean out of me.
Best I can figure the front wheel slipped in some soft, deep dirt on the edge of the firm part of the track and I just went down.

The kids were on the opposite side of the pump track and didn't see me go down. I got up gasping and I staggered over to the kids, wheezing, taking a mental inventory of all my appendages.

At first I was afraid I had broken my jaw or my cheek, and I was worried about my left wrist as well. I sat down in a heap by our stuff and asked Boone to look at my face and tell me if it looked bad. I got a seven year old's shrug.

Once I got my breath back I stood up and got back on the bike. I kept palming my face, feeling for oddities or excessive pain. It seemed ok.

Both kids did a few more laps and I felt better as the minutes wore on. I had been worried initially that if I was seriously hurt it would have been difficult to get both kids and myself back to the car. It was a five minute walk from where we were.
In the end we had fun. Boone had a good time and I'm guessing by Lily's screams of joy as we raced around the pump track that she had a great time too.

We'll be back!

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