Wednesday, November 17

Hurry Up and Wait

We've lived along the railroad tracks for almost five months and until tonight I had not gotten caught at a crossing by the train.

I was approaching an active crossing on Tabor Road, there were three or so cars waiting northbound at the crossing and I was about a hundred feet away from the rear car.

And then a yay-hoo in an SUV ("For Sale" no less) squeezed past me within a couple of feet just to get ahead of me to stop and wait in line.

A) There was no one coming southbound on Tabor. The train was blocking all southbound traffic. The guy could have given me three times three feet. That's just common decency, simple consideration. "Oh, excuse me!" and give a person plenty of personal space.

B) THE TRAIN! He couldn't go on anyway. By passing me he gained absolutely nothing. He could have waited, he could have passed as soon as traffic started moving forward. He didn't have to squeeze in at the last second.

So I whipped around to the left, seeing his window open I pulled up beside the SUV.

"Where we you going in such a hurry?!" I cried.

His sloe-eyed gaze swung my way. "Huh?" He blurbled.

"It's three feet to pass!"

"Let's not get into this," He grumbled.

"You almost ran me over..."

"And you're four feet in the ****-ing lane!" He barked, cutting off my rant as he gunned the motor, following the cars ahead through the cleared crossing.

"MORON!" I called after him impotently.

I felt it necessary to call the guy out. He had no reason to cut it so close. He had the opportunity to pass with plenty of room and his rude and impatient behavior was completely uncalled for.

I could have left off the "moron" but otherwise I believe I was justified in calling him out.

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