Friday, November 5

Leadville or Bust!

Today I began training for the Leadville 100.

It's Leadville or Bust baby!

I have set a two year plan for myself and I'll tell you why: volunteers get preference for the next year's race. Instead of taking my chance with the lottery I think I will volunteer in 2011 and then ride in 2012. It's not really that I don't think I can be ready by August of 2011. I trained for the Triple Bypass between January and early July of 2009. And I didn't put nearly as much preparation into that ride as I shoulda, woulda, coulda.

After watching Race Across the Sky last night I was inspired. I was so inspired that I rode my fastest time on my morning commute since we've lived in the new house. It only took me 45 minutes to do the 9.3 mile ride (uphill both ways) and I felt really good. Of course I can feel the room to improve. There were times when the road was relatively flat but I was lagging because of the climb I had just finished. I need to get back into my old hiking mentality.

In my early twenties I would go out hiking alone and I would tromp down the miles like I was on Bataan. I'd pound up the hills, only adjusting my speed when I could barely breathe, but then when I reached easier ground I would, instead of stopping to rest, continue on at a slower pace for a minute or so until my breathing had recovered and then continue on at a faster pace.

It's a good tactic and kept me in really good shape for a long time.

After my ride this morning I did about 15 minutes of legs and abs in the workout room. Its much harder for me to motivate myself to do that, but if I can I think I might just be able to get in the shape I want in ten or so years.

You probably won't hear a lot from me about this ride for a year or so, but I plan on keeping it in the back of my mind. I need to climb baby, climb! I foresee a few pre-work Lookout Mountain rides and Genesee crawls in my future. I can revisit Guanella Pass, Berthoud (and Colorado Mines Peak finally!), Squaw Mountain, Evans…and some of the big rides I didn't make while training for the TBP and rides I've discovered since then.

The prospect of volunteering for the race is actually kinda exciting in itself. That's not something I've ever considered in the past, but I think it is something that will end up being as important to me as the ride itself. More to come on that later…

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