Tuesday, November 2

Racing All Over Arvada

Rode a bit today.

I voted last Friday, so having the day off for elections was just gravy for me. Mandy and Boone had school so Lily and I had the day to squander on leisure. So we did.

I loaded her up in the bike trailer this morning before the chill had left the air. We rolled east into Olde Towne down 57th and locked up the bike/trailer at the library.

First stop was La Dolce Vita, a coffe/ice cream shop in town. We hung out as Lily ate her bagel and drank her milk (in a coffe cup) and I sucked down a mocha latte.

Afterward we walked around town and got some pics before heading south through Water Tower Flats, a New Urbanism seed on the south side of the railroad tracks.

Then we picked up the Interurban Trail and traversed it west over to Garrison and we climbed over our ridge and then down to Ace Hardware. We rambled around the shopping center, checking out a gun shop, a thrift store and then we headed to the tractor park.

While Lily was playing Mandy got home from school and texted us. We beelined home for lunch and then got ready for another bike ride, this time to the polling place for Mandy to vote and then we took her on the ride Boone and Lily and I did the other day.

Of course today, without Boone we made great time and we cut through town on Grandview, picked up the RCT near its junction with the CCT and then headed east to the Little Dry Creek Trail.

Mandy got to see the Concrete Canyon and we cut off on Pierce instead of going all the way to Carr. Pierce was a more feasible option, the climb over the divide between Little Dry and Ralston Creeks was less severe and the bike lanes were more continuous.

We raced onto our street and back into our yard just in time to jump in the car and go pick Boone up at school.

It was a nice long day with a lot of mileage.

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