Thursday, November 4

Smashed Routine

I rode over 300 miles last month and the majority of those miles were commuting. I did a couple of long rides but otherwise that was my 9-11 mile commute everyday coming and going.

Monday and Tuesday nights I rode the half mile from work to church to meet Mandy and the kids and then we drove home together. Wednesday through Friday I rode both to and from work. So I was getting about 80 miles a week in.

This month my counter shift has changed and it makes sense for me to ride to Golden with Mandy in the mornings as she drops Lily off and picks up two kids that go to school where she now teaches and where Boone attends. So now I say I am carpooling. They would be coming to Golden regardless and if I leave at 6:00 to ride to work I can't help Mandy get the kids ready.

If Mandy weren't picking up the other kids and it weren't so cold I could take Lily to the babysitter in the bike trailer and then head to work. And I can foresee that being the case in the future. For now, for Lily's sake it just makes sense to carpool in the mornings.

So I am losing about 50 miles a week of riding. Its not such a big deal, but I am really starting to miss it. I think I'm going to have to work hard to make up for the lack on the weekends, or I'm going to have to start going to the workout room at work in the afternoons.

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