Tuesday, November 30

Well, Winter Slapped Me In the Face

Today was the first really cold day I have ridden this season. I rode home last night and was frozen by the time I got there. It was probably around 30F degrees.

This morning CBS weather claimed 14F, however, I passed a digital thermometer which read 23F. And then as I rounded the mesa I caught a face full of bitter wind out of the foothills. Brrrrggg!

I have no idea what the windchill was as I crawled through Pleasant View, but it was enough for me to keep repeating to myself "it's just a few more minutes, it's just a few more minutes." My torso and arms were sweating, my face and ears felt brittle and the fronts of my thighs had begun that freezer burn thing.

I'm gonna say that these conditions were not hard core. No, talk to me about hard core when the temps drop below 10F and the wind/snow/ice is coming down like an avalanche.

I know I can dial in my dress better. I'm out of practice for cold weather riding. I just need to get my system back in sync.

Despite all that, I must have dressed better this morning than last night because I am not as cold now that I'm in a warm place. I warmed up much quicker. And there have been days already this fall when I was still shivering when I sat down in my cube.

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