Thursday, December 2

Bike Arvada

So I've officially taken over the Bike Arvada website. Due to some technical difficulties it may be a short bit before you would see changes to the site. I have control of the domain name though, so once I sort out the hosting/editing issues I should be able to get the site up and active.

I've also created a Facebook and Twitter account for Bike Arvada, as well as a blog (I'm a blogging fool). Check them out when you get a chance.

As far as direction it seems to me that promoting transportation and utilitarian cycling as well as recreational cycling should be paramount. Arvada is a bronze level Bicycle Friendly City and I think it could be at least a silver, if not higher. It is basically a suburb of Denver, and fostering and developing connectivity to the surrounding communities would allow residents better opportunity to travel by riding, walking and public transit. I think all three are key to reducing oil dependency and I think Arvada stands to benefit from the new light rail line and the existing bike/ped/transit infrastructure. Certainly there is potential for improvement and I know it can happen.

In the meantime I plan on continuing to explore Arvada and the surrounding communities by bike to better familiarize myself with the terrain and how they are connected separate and apart from the automobile.

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