Friday, December 24

Crankmas Eve

I was going to get up before dawn and ride my mountain bike up to Standley Lake. But alas, the bed was warm and cozy and there was no other reason for me to wake up so early. So I slept in.

Today I needed to do a little last minute Christmasing so I rode over to Olde Town and got some stuff.

I got a few last things and rode home, then Mandy had a grocery list for me so I rode over to King Soopers and Kmart. Got the last thing I needed gift-wise and picked up some 50% off jingle bells. They'll be great for the bike next holiday season.

The weather was pretty mild today. I got away with riding without gloves. I wish I had gotten up and rode this morning. Definitely won't be riding tomorrow morning. It was good to ride around doing what I needed to do. It looked like traffic was pretty crazy and the parking lots were jammed like a Russian radar.

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