Saturday, December 4

Exploring Standley Lake South Shore Trails

Boone and I explored some of the south shore area of Standley Lake this morning.

There are some pretty good views of the foothills near and south of Boulder. The terrain is very conducive to easy prairie biking and the trailhead is accessible right off 86th Ave.

The Gearless Wonderboy rode his 20" BMX and I rode the Hardrock Sport. The temps were cold, but it was sunny. Boone got hungry very quickly into our ride so it was hard to get him to explore.

We ended up on a narrow singletrack path through tall prairie grass on the way back and it was hard for him to slog through it. We ended up turning around and just following the doubletrack back to the car.

There's not a lot of technical riding, but you could get a pretty good workout cruising around the double loop through the sunny prairie.

The lake is a little over five miles from our house and if I can sort out a decent route up there I might start going up to train for Leadville.

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