Wednesday, December 22

Getting Dropped... a girl no less. But she was on a road bike and had no extra weight. Who am I kidding? She left me in the dust :(

On the up side I have broken 300 miles this month. Pretty good for a winter month. I bet that's my December record for sure. Now that its officially winter I am resolved to keep riding every day. For me it'll be a little easier in January and February. I go to a later schedule and won't have to be at work and ready until 9am.

I'm not going to state the obvious and go on about how the days are going to start getting longer now. I have a feeling the worst weather is coming soon. And how could it not? We've not had much of a winter at all. We've had one pathetic snow.

So come on Old Man Winter...HIT ME!

Today I experimented a little with going costume-less (see Yehuda Moon strip previously referenced) and it went rather well. On both my rides I wore the pants I wore at work. Its so dry here its not a big deal. The problem is that no matter how cold it gets, unless I am absolutely freezing, I sweat like a hog. Any shirt I wear while riding is a mess when I get where I'm going. Since I have to be somewhat presentable when I get to work, I'm still stuck with needing to shower once I get there and having a fresh shirt.

Oh well...

As I was finishing this post up my wife came home from the bike shop where she picked up my...GASP! special order Christmas present! I'm not gonna peek, but if it weren't just three days til I might be sneaking one. She's wrapping it now!

She just emerged from the bedroom with a four foot tall wrapped package.

Folding bike?

Repair stand?

Long skinny Xtracycle prototype?

BOB trailer?

We'll three days!

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