Friday, December 10

It IS Christmas After All

Last night Mandy showed me a craigslist posting for a used Free Radical kit. They wanted $350 and were going to throw in a new rear deck and footsies (foot rests for passengers).

Drool. But $350 for a used kit makes me wonder...I'd probably have to cobble together to buy new the hardware to make the conversion. Honestly it's probably still worth it for that price with a new deck and footsies. Still...

We got a little money from grandparents for Christmas and the timing was perfect. I had found a wheelset for the Cannonball on craigslist for the exact amount I got. So I went and looked at them last night and they are nearly new and should work perfectly. I'll make the switch tonight or tomorrow. Next week the Cannonball should be braking a bit smoother assuming I can finally learn how to adjust brake pads.

So that is a first crucial step toward an Xtracycle. I didn't want to move that direction with worn our wheels. It might still be awhile but for now I'll have safe braking on my commutes in the hypothetical bad weather to come. Did someone tear the pages out of the almanac titled "2010 Winter in Colorado"?

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