Wednesday, December 22

It's Not About Getting Dropped

I can't remember the last time it happened, but I dropped another commuter today. It was weird, as I hit the I-70 frontage road (my least favorite section of my ride) I saw a bike light winkling in the distance. For a split second I thought about catching them, but deep down I knew it wouldn't happen. Other commuters always leave me in the dust. Its rare that I overtake another cyclist and I usually only try when I'm headed home (and downhill).

But after crossing 32nd and turning onto Alkire I saw the lights again. Closer.

On Dasher! On Dancer! On Prancer! On Fixie! I jumped on the pedals and closed the gap. And it stayed closed.

As I got closer I knew I would overtake the guy. He was on huffing and puffing on a mountain bike with big ole knobby tires. Huffing and puffing? I was sucking wind pretty hard myself. It wouldn't do to pass the guy completely out of breath, only to have him pass me again on the same street. I backed off the pedals a bit, with Jedi mind control I slowed my breathing and as I rolled past him I casually said "Mornin'!" He was startled.

And the fact that he was startled was surprising. I have the laser on the front of my bike. Before I got close enough for the guy to hear me I was already scorching the asphalt alongside his ride. And still he didn't perceive me approaching.

He was well illumed. He had two flashing rear LEDs and two decently bright (but not as bright as the laser) front lights, one handlebar mount and one helmet mount. Man, I should put the laser on my helmet and use the Blackburn on the bars. I could vaporize cars with a sharp glance.

I passed the guy and left him in the dust. When I felt as if I was far enough ahead I risked a glance back and he was so far back I could hardly see his lights. I never saw him again.

I wasn't really pedaling that hard. He must not ride much.

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