Thursday, December 30

It's Official...

...I now have experience commuting in the snow. I've ridden on days when there was snow present, but today I rode 10+ miles from Golden to Arvada with at least a couple of inches on the ground. It wasn't as bad as I was expecting it to be.

I rode the Orange Blossom Special. It does great in the snow. Going forward, braking and climbing steep hills in low gear was no problem. Turning was dicey.

One co-worker was a little freaked out when she realized I was going to be riding home.

"We could probably get your bike in my trunk." She offered with a worried look.

I assured her I would be fine. I could have chosen to drive this morning, but I opted to ride because I didn't want to risk wrecking our one car. I had planned accordingly with warm clothes and the right bike.

Riding down into Golden from work I took it really slow. Through CSM I took it slow and DID NOT bomb down Illinois as usual. I picked up the pace a little on the bike path and by the time I got to the long downhill after the 58 bridge on the CCT I was comfortable hitting 12-15 mph.

After I passed the giant pringle cans the wind picked up and I started feeling the bite of the storm. I stopped under the McIntyre Street bridge and wrapped my face and head up a little more snugly. And then I plodded on along the CCT through Wheat Ridge. The trail was pretty good riding, but once I got off onto the streets and headed toward home the wheels got all squirrelly under me. I managed to stay upright the rest of the way home, but there was potential for bike skiing for sure.

It took me twice as long to get home, but I was stopping to take photos and enjoying being outside in the winter weather. I've been home long enough that I almost want to find a reason to go back out, but its nice sitting in the recliner, watching the big flakes fall and thinking about tomorrow.

It can be done!

I read somewhere recently where someone stated that if you can dress appropriately for cross country skiing then you can dress appropriately for winter bike commuting. I agree.

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