Saturday, December 25

Letter to Santa Revisited

Santa is good.

I got the bike repair stand. I love it. I've already used it to break my rear shifter.

Santa also put some bolt on drops for the Cannonball in my stocking and I've got them on and the bar ends trimmed off. All I need now is some bar tape. Actually, it was when I was moving the shifters and brake levers that I overtightened and broke the shifter.

Oh well, duct tape goes a long way to soothe all wounds.

So the Cannonball continues to evolve. With narrower bars and drops it feels like a more nimble and speedy bike.

I need to get bar tape tomorrow so I can ride it Monday. According to I can get a new set of shifters for somewhere in the neighborhood of $33-$73.

I'm actually kinda excited to give it a whirl.

I didn't get the other stuff I really wanted, but the Xtracycle conversion is in the works. In a year's time the Cannonball has gone from "vintage" '90s era mountainbike to a full on commuter and is almost gone over to the dark side of longtail haulers.

With the repair stand I'm on my way to being the neighborhood bike geek and it makes tinkering so much easier. And it encourages me to overtighten. I was wa-ay too excited to be ratcheting down on the hex bolt on my shifter.

I also got a couple of cycling related books. I've already read The Cyclist's Manifesto, but I wanted a copy for myself and I got the Bike Snob's book.

Boone got a jersey. He's been out riding around the street with it. He's pretty cute.

All in all it was a good haul.

Merry Christmas!

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