Sunday, December 19

Letter to Santa

Dear Santa,

I have been a very good boy this year and I hope that you can bring me the following:

First I want a bicycle repair stand. I've been maintaining our bikes a whole lot more this past year and not only would a repair stand make my job easier, it would make me look all cool, stylish and pretentious. To go along with the repair stand I'd also like a truing stand and for my stocking I'd like a tool tray that clamps on the stand.

Second I would like a valet bike rack to put out under our carport and store all our bikes. For my stocking it'd be great to have some hardware to bolt it to the concrete so we could lock the bikes to it.

Lastly I'd like an Xtracycle Big Stoker kit to convert my Cannonball (1993 Cannondale M300) to a longtail hauler. Any good Xtracycle accessories would be great for my stocking and if you have room please, please, oh please bring Mandy a Kona Ute to go under the tree. I can have it fitted to her at the bike shop. For her stocking a cool basket to go on the handlebars would be perfect.

Boone would like a bike with gears and Lily is outgrowing her pink princess bike. I'm sure she'll learn to ride all on her own soon and she's going to need a good bike. They've both been pretty good this year too, though I know for a fact your bag is already full up with toys for them. If you can squeeze in a couple of bikes for the kids you'd make our Christmas GREAT!

We've been oh so good this year and if you bring us these gifts we can go carless much more often just like you.



PS, we'll make sure to have cookies and milk out for you. We might even have one Ale-8 left.

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