Monday, December 27

Miles Ridden and Miles to Ride

As the end of the year approaches I am compelled to look back and tally my mileage for the year. It seems like I've ridden a lot this past year, but a monthly breakdown shows my riding has increased as the year has progressed. Remember, we sold our second car in the middle of last December, so I've been using the bike as my primary means of transportation (in theory) for just over a year now.

Last winter and early spring I was still wussing out a lot and driving or having Mandy take me to work. And then in June I was off work for a week and then in July we were getting settled in the new house. I'm kind of embarrassed about my mileage in July though. There really was no reason for it to be so low.

However, from August on I had a steady increase in mileage. I included recreational and utility riding in the totals. Commuting is important, but I ride a lot of other places as well. And the reality is I am certain I didn’t record every mile I rode. These are approximates regardless. And I rounded up or down to the nearest mile. I don’t see the point in showing you the nearest hundredth of a mile. So here it is:

Jan - 120
Feb - 46
Mar - 187
Apr - 102
May - 105
June - 293
July - 143
Aug - 256
Sept - 274
Oct - 315
Nov - 252
Dec - 356 (421)

The number in parentheses is how many miles I'll have ridden when I get home on Thursday. I don’t foresee any reason I won't ride the rest of this week. The weather is supposed to turn Friday. Regardless, December has been my best month this year. I owe it all to La NiƱa.

November was low because I was off work for election day, Veterans Day and a week at Thanksgiving.

My annual total mileage for the year is going to end up being 2,514. That's woefully low based on the number of days I actually worked. My monthly average is 209, which isn't bad, but it could be a lot more. My commute prior to July was about 4 miles less round trip, so my miles would have been somewhat less early in the year, but 46 miles in February? Ugh!

So a quick calculation (read: approximate) of the number of days I'll be working in 2011 is 240 (weep), and based on my normal short commute if I ride every trip I would pedal 4,459 miles. My goal then for 2011 is 4,500 miles. I know I can do it…barring a broken leg.

Realistically I think I can ride over 5,000 miles with trips around town and for recreation with the family.

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