Saturday, December 11

Missed My Calling

I should have been a bike mechanic. I spent some time last night and a little time today working on the Cannonball and I've got to say it was quite therapeutic. If I had any amount of training and/or experience I think I could be pretty good at it.

Even the work that frustrated me a little worked well for me, it was like problem solving.

And then today I fixed up the trailer tires so Lily and I could go for a ride. There was a heinous goathead in one of them.

Yesterday I got my battery powered Christmas lights. Now I will be much more visible on my morning commutes ;)

Anyway, I'd definitely like to learn more bike maintenance skills and either work part time fixing bikes or do it on the side voluntarily.

As far as the Cannonball, I need to put on and adjust the new brake pads tomorrow. If I can finally figure out brakes I'll be well on my way to being the bike mechanic on my street.

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