Wednesday, December 8

Pinning Down a Plan

So I have changed my mind a little bit about what sort of cycling resources I'd like to have in the future (near and far).

I had been looking at a Raleigh Sojourn, and while I would still like to have one I'm leaning more now to getting an Xtracycle Free Radical kit for the Cannonball.

It just makes more sense. I have the Cannonball and since Tom gave me the Specialized MTB for Christmas I can't justify getting another bike. So it's back to the Cannonball and I will continue to maintain it as my transportation and utility bike. The Specialized is my backup and my fun bike. The Cannonball is now, and will always be, my SUB (Sport Utility Bike).

The next logical step for the cannonball is an Xtracycle upgrade. I might have to visit one of the two dealers in the Denver area soon.

Right now the cost is all that's stopping me. The Cannonball needs some other maintenance. I probably need at least a new rear wheel and perhaps a new wheelset. Brake pads are becoming a necessity and I am sure my bottom bracket shouldn't be creaking and popping like it is.

For the Xtracycle kit you could drop anywhere from $300 to $600 easy and with various accessories the bill at checkout could near $1,000. My current needs are probably in the $150-200 range so my wish list would easily cost a noble benefactor anywhere from $450 to $1,200.

I gotta get my brake issues sorted out, so the rear wheel/brake pad are my priority.

Still, the Cannonball has been a great bike for the past fifteen years.

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