Wednesday, December 29

Sub-Urban Hell

Please, oh please…don't make me go back to South Jeffco ever again. I say SUB-urban much the same way Gozer the Gozerian referred to the Ghostbusters as sub-creatures. Less than urban, "urban" being something resembling a city.

South Jeffco is one of the largest unincorporated SUB-urban areas in the country. That translates to the largest tract of real estate dedicated to McHouses and strip malls in the land boys and girls!

I went on a site visit, the second in my three year tenure. I was excited to get out of my cubicle/cage, but then once I headed out and realized where I was going I wasn't so excited. I'd much rather have been going on a site visit to Deckers. Maybe I can arrange one soon.

I reached my destination a bit shell shocked. I haven't driven in such deep SUB-urbia since we moved from Lakewood (aka SUB-lakes with forests) back in the summer. Our neighborhood now is 1950s era suburbia. Its on the border of downtown Arvada, within walking distance still, and while the houses are similar, they are modest yet rugged.

Traffic was a nightmare as I strove to get into the heart of South Jeffco at Bowles and Wadsworth. It was the middle of the day for crying out loud! It was past lunchtime, but not time to go home yet. I realize the kids are out of school, but few of them have obnoxiously distinguished silver hair and drive Mercedes.

As I walked around the center that was my destination cars were zooming in off Bowles Avenue in a constant steady stream. People who would be pedestrians in a few short moments were bearing down on me while barreling through over the posted speed limit for the parking lot. It was insane.

As I drove down and back I tried to pay attention to the roads and how bike friendly they were. They're not. What passes for cycling infrastructure in that region of SUB-urbia are wide sidewalks paralleling the parkways and boulevards. Ironically, the wide sidewalk/MUPs inhabit a strip of green between the four lane windey roads and tall noise barrier fences which enclose the hallowed SUB-divisions.

It was horrid. I need to stay out of motor vehicles and/or visit a wilderness area ASAP.

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