Tuesday, December 28

The Difference a Year Can Make



The seatpost mounted rear rack was a short lived thing. I used it before I got the Axiom Streamliner rack which is on it now. So the first pic is of the Cannonball earlier in the year before the Giant got slaughtered. Back then I used it to pull the trailer and Boone with the towbar. I rarely used it to commute.

Then after the Giant was slain the Cannonball once again became my primary mode of transportation. And at that point I began converting it to a utility bike.

The second picture shows the Cannonball as it will look as it ushers out 2010. In 2011 you'll see an Xtracycle conversion and if all my dreams come true it would have a new paint job before the year is out. Not holding my breath on that one.

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