Tuesday, December 14

Throw the Dog a Bone

In Colorado dogs haven't really been a big issue for me as a cyclist. Occasionally someone will be walking their dog(s) on a bike path and let out a mile of leash, but other than that the canine climate here is much more friendly than the rural Eastern Kentucky backroads I used to ride.

There were times in Kentucky that I had to outsprint the pack of semi-feral dogs or go down fighting. I bought a couple of cans of Halt! just before we moved and never got a chance to use them. They have just not been necessary in the west.

There had been times there that I was truly afraid that some vicious monster, probably bred to protect a meth lab, was gonna eat me alive. It seemed that most dogs lived at the bottom of a hill and ran in packs.

I don't miss the dog insanity. It was an issue I had to confront on almost every ride. It got old. And people seem to feel entitled to let their dogs run free all the time, never considering the danger to the dogs or to the people (in cars, walking or riding) that the dogs chase.

Today I had an interesting dog encounter. Actually, it was kinda funny. Along 10th Avenue in Golden there are three or so dogs that live in a fenced in yard. Some days they watch apathetically as I pedal past, with looks that say, "Yeah, dude! Ride it! Rock on!"

And other days, like this morning, they go absolutely bonkers mad, growling, snarling and acting out a feeding frenzy which I suppose should strike fear in my heart. They are all small-ish dogs and even as a "pack" they are somewhat less than fearsome.

But today the smallest of them, small in stature but obviously not in enthusiasm, went stark raving mad as I pedaled slowly past. His jaws were locked on the wire of the chainlink fence, gurgling snarls spraying directly out of his throat past extended lips, eyes blazing and bugging as they tracked me predatorily along the street.

I had to chuckle.

"Go Killer!" I encouraged. I could hear the snarls of rage fading behind me as I continued on to work.

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