Tuesday, December 21

Winter Solstice

It sure doesn't feel like the first day of winter. Oh, it was cold, in the 20s and maybe low 30s, but the Denver 'burbs are dry as a bone. I rolled in a little late this morning so there was a enough light I could see some wintry clouds lingering behind the Front Range foothills.

Foothills from Tabor Rd

Snow was falling somewhere, and somewhere close there will be a white Christmas, but not in my neighborhood.

Tonight is BikeDenver's Winter Solstice Ride and my family is planning on going. We picked up some blinky white Christmas lights for Mandy's bike last night and I'm hoping to find some more lights for Boone's bike before the ride tonight. I think it'll be a lot of fun and I think the kids will have a good time too. I've been looking for a good excuse to get down in Denver to get some photos of the lights anyway. This is the perfect opportunity and with a bike theme!

I'm torn. As a bike commuter ("pro" no less) I should be ecstatic that the weather has been so mild, but the reality is that I want it to be a snowpocalypse like so many other places in the country of late. It's all my fault though. Back when it first got cold and hinted that it was going to snow I bought a sled for the kids so when it finally did snow we'd be able to go sledding without having to scramble for a slidey thing. Maybe I should get rid of it. I'll post it on craigslist!

Hopefully I'll have some good photos of the ride tonight. More to come…

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