Friday, January 14

Cannonball X as a Snow Machine

Something Bike Snob stated recently about his long tail (he has a Big Dummy, and not the Free Radical I want) made me realize that the Cannonball X (CBX) is not going to be the best wintry weather option for me. I will still have the OBS.

And you do have to admire the literary craftsmanship the Snob exhibits:

It's sort of hard to place your body weight over your rear wheel when it's all the way back there in a different county.

That got the old brainiac juices flowing though. Once the Cannonball is converted I could invest in studded tires, OR I could plan far ahead and just go ahead and get the Xtra-cycle kit with the disc brake option and craft some DIY "chains" for regular knobbies. While the CBX would still lack the benefit of my body weight (considerable) over the rear wheel, there are options which would make it a mean, snow-gobblin' machine. Initially I could use the OBS rear wheel on the CBX until I could afford a dedicated wheel with a disc brake.

Are you still following? 'Cause I'm kinda lost.

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